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Many companies offer you products, we provide an experience! 

Low Start Up Cost:


$49 & Up. No need to pay thousands of dollars on development fees. Instead, you can spend less than $50 for products that are developed and proven. Allow us to take the guess work and huge investments out of starting your own brand. 

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities):


offer one of the lowest MOQ in the private label Industry. You can start your own brand with only 24 units.

Fast turnaround times:


Once your order form and payment are received, turnaround times for orders up to 400 pieces is 2-4 weeks. Orders above 400 pieces take 6-8 weeks.

Sample Kits:


Choose a sample kit that fits your business module, from hair to skin care. Ordering a kit will give you an opportunity to customize the product line you dreamed of.   

Team of Experts:


Leverage the vast experience of professionals who are committed to your success!

Peace of Mind:


We understand the unique needs of each client and are committed to bringing your vision to life.  

Our Commitment to You

We recommend that you purchase a sample kit first. This allows you to choose the products that best meet your needs. Once you select a sample kit, our Sales and Marketing team will schedule a consultation to help make your vision a reality. 

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