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Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory LLC was created with the small business owner in mind, while having the experience and technology to provide service to larger clients. We carefully and skillfully select natural ingredients from around the globe to provide you with results you desire and deserve.

Our Experts

We understand that starting your own product line can be stressful as you navigate the design and production process. To help make the process easier, we provide a state-of-the art team of professionals who are committed to communicating with and working with you from start to finish. 

Team of Chemists:


Committed to providing superior products. We refuse to cut corners and will not sacrifice quality for profit.

Research & Development Team:

Consists of a Dermatologist, Trichologist, and Cosmetologist to ensure proper testing of products before they leave our facility.

Design and Sales Team:


Committed to giving you and your products the competitive edge needed to make selling easy, while increasing profits. 

Production Team:


Committed to ensuring fast turnaround times and timely deliveries to your customers. 

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