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Sample Kits: 

All customers of Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory LLC are required to sample the products before placing and order. 

Sample Kits are available for purchase and highly recommended before placing a private label order. 

Custom Orders:

Custom orders require that your samples be tested prior to placing your full order. 
Custom order labels, components and shippers have to be approved before production starts.


There are no refunds once orders have been submitted and processed. 
All products must be labeled before leaving Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory. 

2nd Party Businesses: 

Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory LLC is not responsible or liable for any 2nd party businesses advertised on the website. The 2nd party businesses are for advertising purposes only, you the customer are responsible for doing research before utilizing 2nd party services. 

Damaged During Shipping:

If an order arrives damaged during shipping, you must take pictures of the damaged contents, in the same packaging, along with an image of the shipping label on the package. 

Return the ENTIRE order back to Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory LLC.  (partial orders will not be accepted).
To submit your claim please email the required images to and ship the damaged package back to our lab within 48 hours of your initial delivery. Claims and returns submitted after 48 hours you will not be able to submit a claim and have accepted the damaged products. 

Manufacturers are required to keep up to 7 samples of each product made. 

We require clients to send extra labels, 10 or more above the requested amount. ex: If you place an order for 100 shampoos, send 110 labels. 7 products will be placed in the  retain room  and the extra 3 labels  are in place for defected labels .

Custom Order prices do not include the cost of shipping and components. 

Ex: On the customize form, when asked what is your price range, we are asking your budgeted price range for the product only, not labels or  components.

Orders over 1000 pcs, you are required to provide shipper boxes for your products. 

There is a +/- difference when manufacturing custom orders. 

Ex: In production there are times the batch we are making does not yield the quantity we are  trying to achieve. Sometimes we may be 20 pcs over or under. If we yield less or more your invoice will be adjusted accordingly.

It is very important to make sure you are satisfied with your sample product. Once the approval certificate is signed, no more adjustments can be made to your product. If you decide a change is needed after signing the approval certificate  , your product will go back to the beginning of development  (4 to 6 week turnaround time , a lab fee will be invoiced). 


Price Quotes are valid for 30days. 


A Storage fee invoice of $250  will be applied to  all orders not picked up or shipped after 14 days of completion.

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