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For Permanent Color 

Apply color 1st according to the manufacturer’s directionsRecommend to go 1 shade darker on your color formulas due to protein placing will cause the color to lighten.
After your color application is complete now you are ready to begin your Smoothing Treatment 

Shampoo with Clarifying Shampoo of choice until hair is squeaky clean (Slarutan Lab offers a clarifying shampoo for private label)


Next Step Bottles.png

Towel blot 

Next, Apply for the Leave-In Conditioner (Slarutan Lab offers leave-In Conditioner for private label)
Blow-dry and proceed w the Application of Next Step Smoothing Treatment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

For Semi and Demi color 

Apply Next Step Smoothing Treatment according to manufacturers instructions, including sealing treatment with heat. Once treatment has been sealed in w/ heat  Semi or Demi color can now be applied according to manufacturers’ directions. Rinse (semi) or Shampoo (Demi) from hair and proceed with style. 

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