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  • What is the difference between private label and contract manufacturing?
    Answer: Private Labelling allows you to choose an already existing product from a manufacturer and place your personal branding on their already existing product. Contract manufacturing is the DIY option, here is where you create each component of the product from formulation to packaging with help from a company or companies
  • Can I make any changes to the private label options?
    Answer: Yes and No If you desire to remain flexible and order the minimum order of 24 to 400 pieces at lower price points, making changes would not be the best option for you. If you desire to make minor changes to a private label formula, you would be required to order a minimum of 500 pieces. There is an additional cost for lab hours when making minor adjustments to private label formulas.
  • How much income can I make private Labeling?
    The packaging you choose will determine your profit margin. The more you order from Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory LLC the larger your discount will be. The best way to determine how much you can make would be to checking the market your product will be in and view its current income statistics.
  • Can I make any changes to the product once I place my order?
    No. Once your order has been placed, our staff starts placing orders immediately with our vendors to set up production for your order.
  • Can I get a refund if I do not like the products?
    All sales are final. We require all customers to test products before placing an order. For private label orders, you are required to purchase a sample kit to test products. For custom orders, you are required to test and sign an approval certificate before production starts. These steps are in place to give our customers the confidence needed to make an informed decision prior to purchasing.
  • What if my products are damaged when I receive my order?
    If your products are damaged upon delivery, you must take pictures of the contents in the package, the label and email images to . Return the total shipment back to Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory LLC. You have 48 hours upon receipt of the damaged products to place a claim.
  • Can I label my own products?
    We do not ship products to customers without labels. This policy is in place to protect the integrity of the product and safety for our clients.
  • Can I use my own bottles and jars (components)?
    Yes, you may use your own components. You will need to send a sample to our office for approval. Once approved you can ship your components to us, and we will fill and label it for you. There is not a discount when using your components. Our pricing is set for set up time, labeling and filling your products.
  • How long does it take for my products to be shipped?
    We pride ourselves in fast turnaround times. *Sample Kits 3 to 5 days *Custom orders 4 to 6 weeks Note these turnaround times are subject to change based on inclement weather, availability of raw material, and components. If we expect a delay, we will update our website and notify clients who have orders pending.
  • What is the (MOQ) minimum order quantity?
    Answer: the minimum order quantity is 24 pieces.
  • Can I customize the formula?
    Answer: You cannot customize the formula, you can customize your label. We do offer semi custom formulas and custom formulas for additional cost? For more info on semi and custom formulas click the additional services tab.
  • What If I don’t Like the product?
    Answer: Your satisfaction is our priority. We encourage our customers to order the sample kit for you to test each product, giving you a preview of what you are ordering.
  • Can I customize my label?
    Yes you can customize your logo. During checkout , submit your logo in a pdf format. If you need assistance with creating a logo , email . There are additional fees for this service.
  • Are there incentives when I purchase more products?
    Answer : Yes, the more you purchase the more you save. Visit the price list page to view discounts for bulk orders.
  • Can I label my own products?
    Answer: Label application is a complimentary service Slarutan Cosmetic lab offers. This service protects you the client from being FDA non-compliant. allowing our staff to review and apply your labels protects you the client from potential lawsuits.
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