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Slarutan Cosmetic Lab Product 

Development Request Inquiry

Congratulations...on beginning the first step to leaving a legacy for your family.  At Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory we take pride in joining forces with you on your new product exploration and development journey.  Take a few moments to complete this form,  it will be an imperative piece to the success of bringing your product dreams to life. 


Once submitted you will be notified and someone from our customer service department will reach out to you within

1 -2 business days. 

To begin the process we require $250-$1000 per product development depending on the ingredients needed in your formula, which will also cover the cost of lab time and materials to ship 2 sample prototypes of your product. 


Finally after you have chosen your prototype, paid your invoice and signed your approval certificate, you are placed on the production schedule and the development phase of your journey is complete.   


Thank you for choosing Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory, LLC.

Do you currently have your own products?
Check the items that fits the service you would like to receive from Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory


* Lab will determine what the MOQ's will be based on minor formula adjustments.

Slarutan customer service will follow up with all special requests. 
Private Label items can be ordered under the product tab on the website
All Slarutan Lab clients are responsible for their own labels.
All labels must be approved by management before printing and shipping to Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratory.
Review Label requirements on the website to avoid delay for future orders and send extra labels.

Please read and agree with statements above before you go to the next set of questions.
Manufacturing Interest
What is this product for
What hair type ar you marketing to?
What is your demographic market
Component Size
What color component would you like to use?
What is your Minimum Order Quanitity (MOQ) ?
How did you hear about Slarutan Cosmetic Laboratories?

Thanks for your inquiry!

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