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**Price Increase Notice**

Due to the pandemic and supply chain crisis, our prices may increase.

Please check the price of each item before you place an order.

Omega Oil with DHT Blockers.


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Follicle Stimulator with Omega 3 Oil and DHT Blockers

  • ● Labeling included in price

    ●  Note pricing is subject to change based on raw material and component vendors pricing increase.

    ●  2oz white bottle with dropper (Boston round)

    ●  $4.23/Unit

    ●  70 or more $3.52 

    ●  Bulk Savings Qty 500- 1500 units 20%

    ●  1501- 2501 Save 25%

    ● Orders larger than 2,501 units, email your request to

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