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**Price Increase Notice**

Due to the pandemic and supply chain crisis, our prices may increase.

Please check the price of each item before you place an order.

Smoothing System Expectations (Watch Video)


Next step smoothing treatment is an anti frizz chemical free system that will add strength to your hair. With the added moisture and protein to ensure your hair remains balanced, this system is a deep conditioning protein treatment that is infused with heat and  the use of a flat iron of 400 degrees or less. 

For up to 12 weeks or 20 shampoos you will feel the smoothly hydrated and repaired healthy hair and the versatility to wear as a shampoo n go, silky smooth or however you desire to style, there are no restrictions…Treat your hair to it’s Next Step!

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Next Step Smoothing System

  • ● Labeling included in price

    ● Note pricing is subject to change based on raw material and component vendors pricing increase. 

    ● Next Step Smoothing Treatment (MOQ 24pcs)

    ● 7.33oz clear bottle with foamer (Cosmo round bottle)

    ● Orders larger than 100+ pieces, email your request to* 


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